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In this world, finding one’s worth can be a battle. Today, people are told that the world is meaningless, their minds are just chemicals, and there is no god. Kinda hard to find any value in that, huh? In most schools in America, people are taught that their only purpose in life is to make money and survive. They’re taught that their worth comes from how useful they are to society. But is that really the truth? Are people nothing more but machines with little to no value? Is life truly as terrifyingly purposeless as people are taught? As a Christian, I would argue that there is so much meaning to life and each person has value in the eyes of God.

Let me start with my own journey of worth. For years, I dealt with insecurities; insecurities about the way I look, my personality, and my intelligence. All of them contributed in making me feel worthless. I always looked for ways to feel validated. I wanted to one day look into a mirror and see someone worthwhile. Unfortunately, building the habit of bringing yourself down makes it very challenging to see any value in yourself. There were days when I could look in the mirror and love who I am, but those days didn’t last very long. There was always something that brought me down. I would often complain about my problems to other people, but they always thought I was being silly. However, there were some people in my life who could see that my insecurities were very real and very damaging. Those people encouraged me to see myself the way I should see myself. Today, I see a girl with purpose and value. What changed?

My perspective of not only myself, but of the world changed. Before, I was obsessed in trying to change the way I saw myself. I was trying to put in all the work to love myself. It wasn’t until God spoke to me that I finally found my value. For months I had been praying to God to help me overcome my insecurities. There was one prayer that struck me. I asked God to free me. It came out of nowhere when I said it. I didn’t get an answer that night when I said the prayer. The next night I fell asleep on the couch after watching TV. As I started waking up, I heard two words being repeated over and over in my head. You’re free. (I guess technically three, but who cares). I knew these words weren’t my own. I immediately shot up and began praising the Lord. It was the first time I actually felt free from the bondage of insecurities. It was the first time I saw my worth. My value comes from God. And this value He has given me has set me free.

I can’t describe the amount of worth a person has, but to God, it must be an abundance. Sometimes, it’s very hard to see how I have any value in the eyes of God. How could someone as sinful as myself have value? God is amazing in all His ways and I’ll never be able to comprehend how much love He has for his creation. If you are still struggling to believe that God has given you value, let me give you a verse then, “Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God. But the very hairs on your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” (Luke 12: 6-7). Our worth comes from God. But what does this mean for us? It means that it doesn’t matter if we’re male or female, tall or short, born or unborn, able or disabled, we all have value. Even if we don’t believe we’re worthwhile, God has still given us intrinsic value. And there is freedom in the value God has given us. Just remember, we can’t try to give ourselves value by our own, human ways. We need to see ourselves through the eyes of God which can only happen through Him. And don’t think that change in seeing our worth and overcoming insecurities and fears happens in a day. It takes time, in fact, this is what’s been happening in my life. Little by little, progress is being made and that can be hard to see sometimes. But when we place our trust in God, He gives us the strength we need to move forward each day; He gives us the eyes to see our value even if it takes time. Our God is great and His love for us is incredible. Let God free you through the value and love He has given you.

Eliya Brannan – 11th Grade